Suspect charged with theft of pawnshop in downtown St. Cloud


ST. CLOUD – The Stearns County District Attorney’s Office has indicted one of three men accused of robbing a pawnshop in downtown St. Cloud last August.

Thirty nine years Johnathon herring de Waite Park is charged with one count of 1st degree aggravated theft.

St. Cloud Police were called to the Security Coin and Pawn Shop in Block 600 of St. Germain West on August 21. Two employees were assaulted and a lot of jewelry was taken away.

Police said three black men initially entered the store and one of the men then left. The other two suspects grabbed the 75-year-old clerk and the 76-year-old clerk and started punching them in the face. The two men then jumped over the counter and ransacked a jewelry box and then fled on foot.

The employees were taken to St. Cloud Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

St. Cloud Police were able to identify Herring as one of the suspects through DNA testing at the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension lab. The BCA determined the match by running the DNA sample through the Minnesota Convict Database.

The herring was already in the Stearns County Jail, being held for an unrelated offense and remains in custody.

Authorities say that in 2018, Herring was convicted of a 2nd degree aggravated theft charge in Benton County.

Police have no further information on the other two suspects in the case.

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