Q&A with St. Johns County Circuit Court Clerk and Comptroller Brandon Patty


Q: Can citizens obtain certified documents electronically?
A: We have just launched E-Certify, which makes certified records available electronically for purchase 24 hours a day through our website, stjohnsclerk.com. Uncertified copies of court documents and official documents are available online for free, but citizens often need certified copies of documents, such as wills, divorce judgments, marriage licenses, or document satisfaction. mortgage to prove authenticity. In addition to convenience and immediacy, the benefits of online access include increased security and less risk of document fraud. Each certified electronic document uses advanced encryption to produce a certified tamper-proof electronic document that will include a unique digital signature of the clerk and a tracking number.

Q: What is the cost of these recordings?
A: To access documents through E-Certify, the costs include a certification fee of $ 2 and $ 1 per page (legal fee), plus a service fee of $ 6 per document (supplier fee) and 3.5 % credit card charge. By downloading and saving the document, it can be printed and reprinted as many times as you want.

Entities verifying an electronically certified document can do so online 24 hours a day, free of charge.

Q: Can you explain the service you provide to Veterans for their separation files?
A: Veterans can file their separation records (called DD 214) free of charge with the St. Johns County Circuit Court Clerk and Comptroller for easy future retention and access. It’s secure, fast, and free, and it’s one of the services our office provides to thank you.

A DD 214 contains valuable information that can help veterans with benefits related to VA health care, GI Bill, Social Security, VA loans, military funerals, veterans preference and more. By registering your DD 214 with the registry, a copy is available to you in the event that the original is lost or destroyed.

Q: How should a veteran benefit from this free deposit?
A: The original document can be filed free of charge with the Registrar’s Registration Department, located in the Richard O. Watson Court Complex, 4010 Lewis Speedway, St. Augustine. The document will be digitally saved on site and returned immediately. It is important to know that only certain people can access or obtain copies of your DD 214: You, your parents, your spouse, your dependent or your child, an estate representative of a deceased veteran, an agent public acting in their name or official capacity, or a person authorized in writing by the veteran.

Q: Do you have anything else to share with the residents of northern St. Johns County?
A: On Monday, November 8, we celebrated the long-standing alliance between the United States and Israel – and the even longer history of the Jewish community in St. Augustine – with a Friendship Day proclamation between St. John County and Israel in front of a crowd of over 60 residents and supporters. The proclamation came after the recent passage of a county resolution to revise its investment policy to remove companies from the list of Florida controlled companies that boycott Israel, including Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and its parent company. , Unilever. Citizens may not be aware that the clerk’s office is handling county surplus funds as investments in accordance with policy. On November 10, the St. Johns County asset manager sold more than $ 370,000 in Unilever assets; instead, these dollars will be invested in other companies offering similar or higher rates of return.

Q: What’s the best way for our readers to contact you or your office?
A: There are many questions you can answer by visiting our website, www.stjohnsclerk.com, which is most often used to pay for tickets or search for court records. A little known fact is that it also has the option to report government fraud or abuse as the clerk’s office is a government fraud / waste / abuse auditor. People can also call our main office at (904) 819-3600.


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