Retired Chip Roy, sends Wendy Davis to Congress


US Representative Chip Roy is known to come out of the pack. It could be an admirable quality if Roy was charting a better course or securing bipartisan victories. Unfortunately, Roy’s breakaway moments tend to be misguided positions.

Consider the Hays County Republican decision in March of oppose vital coronavirus relief package because it was unveiled on short notice – a concern not shared by the vast majorities in both houses that tabled the bill for the signature of the president. Or his procedural move last year delay billions of dollars in emergency aid, including more than $ 4 billion for Texans recovering from Hurricane Harvey, because Roy objected to holding a vote when so many members were absent.

To his credit, Roy has been a strong advocate for small businesses suffering from the coronavirus economy, and he has worked with Democratic Representative Dean Phillips of Minnesota to offer greater flexibility to those who obtain Paycheck Protection Program loans. Nothing else indicates that Roy can break the partisan deadlock, however. Last year, Roy had the third worst score in the entire US House on the bipartite index of the Lugar Center, a trustworthy measure of the efforts of officials to work across party lines.

Democratic challenger Wendy Davis is the top pick for US House District 21, which stretches from Austin to San Antonio and includes six Hill Country counties. Of course, the former state senator is best known for her own act of protest, a 1pm filibuster at the Texas Capitol in 2013 over an anti-abortion bill. But Davis also passed dozens of bills during his six-year tenure, including measures to assess the backlog of rape kits, determine the effectiveness of the Texas Events Trust and improve public access to government information. All of these bills required bipartisan support to pass in the GOP-controlled Capitol.

Perhaps most important at this age, Davis treats the coronavirus as a real health threat, while Roy, who continues to campaign in person, says the virus has been politicized. In fact, the freshman congressman aroused skepticism among us of the “200,000 people who would have died of the virus. ”He noted that these Americans“ died with the virus, ‘insinuating other factors may have led to their graves. It is our congressman who is adding fuel to dangerous conspiracy theories suggesting that the death toll from COVID in the United States has been exaggerated.

The Texans in District 21 no longer need Roy’s independence from reality. Alternatives include Democrat Davis, libertarian Arthur DiBianca and Green Party candidate Tommy Wakely. We urge voters to remove Roy on November 3 and send Davis to Washington

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