Man faces long list of charges related to spate of crimes

Larimer County Sheriff’s Office

24 year old Fort-Collins the man faces a long list of felony and misdemeanor charges linked to a spate of crimes involving at least 14 cases of snatching as well as several Identity theft and other crimes.

Police say at least half of the thefts involved people over 75. This is according to an article on the Fort Collins Police Services Facebook page. According to the post, Sai Kruger would steal handbags from shopping carts and then use the stolen financial devices to make purchases.

In at least one of the cases, a police officer paid for a victim’s groceries because she had no means of paying after her purse was stolen.

According to the publication, Kruger faces the following charges:

Theft (class 3 offense)

Theft – 2 counts (class 1 offense)

Theft of a person – 3 counts (class 5 felony)

Theft, Crimes against a person at risk – 3 counts (class 5 crime)

Theft, Crimes against a person at risk – 4 counts (class 3 crime)

Identity theft – 8 counts (Class 4 felony)

Criminal possession of a financial instrument (class 5 crime)

Criminal possession of an identification document (class 6 crime)

“Imagine your own mother or grandmother just shopping and finding her purse with her wallet, keys, phone, glasses and more,” said Lt. Jerrod Kinsman of the Criminal Investigation Division. “I’m grateful for Patrol’s quick and compassionate response, including an officer who paid for a victim’s groceries since she had no way of doing it. I also appreciate the diligent work of detectives in finding the suspect and preventing more people from being victimized. “

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