“In pursuit of a dream: stories that inspire!” at Italbank


Professional chefs, María Luisa Arias and Federico Martínez; the professional surfer, Magnum Martínez; and the conductor in Paris, Glass Marcano

We all have dreams and a story to tell, these are stories worth knowing. Italbank International will present them on its website and social networks.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Italbank Internacional presents “In pursuit of a dream: stories that inspire! », A series of stories and videos that will show personal testimonies in different facets of their life.

It starts with two renowned professional chefs, María Luisa Arias and Federico Martínez; a successful conductor in Paris, Glass Marcano; and a persistent professional surfer and wrestler, Magnum Martínez, who are an example of constancy and perseverance, driven by their passion and their long journey, until they achieve success.

Committed to Latin Americans and all those who want to realize their ideas and dreams, whether commercial, sports or any other field, they will be able to draw inspiration from these stories told on www.italbank.com and on the networks social security of the financial institution.

“In pursuit of a dream: stories that inspire!” It is an initiative that stems from the great relevance that entrepreneurship, sport and education have taken as the basis of any strong and progressive society. It is a recognition of its protagonists and an inspiration for those who are making their dreams come true.

Italbank comments: “We present stories of people passionate about making their dreams come true and ready to work long hours, to sacrifice themselves, to achieve it; and we are sure that they will be a source of inspiration for many others, who are looking for this passion, or walking the path of success; which will never be a goal, but an endless yet fascinating journey.

This social campaign of Italbank Internacional as an international banking entity, committed to Latin America and its customers, is in line with the values ​​of the banking entity, based on the promotion of education, entrepreneurship and sport, as a basis for solid partnerships, and invites all those who share these values ​​to tell their story through its website www.italbank.com.

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