Walton Hospital, New York Now Has Nuclear Medicine Imaging


UHS Delaware Valley Hospital (DVH) in Walton, NY now offers new medical imaging technology that has the potential to help improve and even save the lives of many more patients than ever before with advanced technology. advanced imaging called nuclear medicine. imaging services that are generally only available in large hospitals and are superior to other types of imaging.

According to DVH, nuclear medicine allows doctors to actually see how a patient’s various organs are functioning instead of just seeing pictures of abnormalities in the organs. This means that doctors can spot problems much earlier, long before many medical problems are detected with other types of imaging. It’s just a much more accurate way to spot problems before they get worse and turn into a much more serious health problem. It seems we always hear healthcare professionals say, at least when it comes to cancer screening, “early detection is essential” and this certainly rings true for any health problem as it affects quality of life. of somebody.

Officials at DVH hospital say it works great for:
Screening of patients at risk for heart disease
Diagnose gastric and digestive complications
Assess bone pain caused by injury, joint replacement or cancer
Planning of thyroid treatment
Lung test for blood clots and shortness of breath
Assess kidney function and rule out obstruction

How did such a small hospital come to acquire this cutting edge imaging technology? DVH credits nuclear medicine imaging last spring through its partnership with Heart Care Imaging (HCI) which provides the equipment and technologists – something DVH would not have the resources to do.

Randy Taylor, Director of Outpatient Services, notes the convenience of having this technology available in a rural area like ours and says, “Our hope is to prevent area residents from having to travel long distances for most testing. most common diagnosis ”.

If you would like to learn more about nuclear medicine at Delaware Valley Hospital, you can visit www.nyuhs.org or call the hospital imaging department at 607-865-2126.

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