Consistent credit card skimming something to watch out for


CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – After comments emerged on social media that there was local credit card skimming, the Corpus Christi Police Department confirmed that there was a consistent amount of skimming of credit card in Corpus Christi, as well as statewide.

The CCPD said people using these credit card skimmers at gas stations are not targeting a specific area. They’ve had reports on the South Side, Flour Bluff, and along SPID. Unfortunately, they said that many credit card skimmers are placed inside pumps where we cannot see them, but they said some could be detected by simply pulling on the card reader.

In past experiences, police have said thieves like to use pumps in poorly lit areas, closest to the street and out of sight of the store clerk.

“In our experience, they seem to be targeting the pumps at the end of stores which are usually diesel pumps,” said Detective Marcus Garanzuay of the CCPD’s Financial Crimes Division. But again, it’s not exclusive to those. a card reader is vulnerable.

Police suggest if you see anything suspicious at your gas station to notify the police and treat it as a crime scene.

“You notice suspicious transactions on your statements,” Garanzuay said. “Notify the financial institution first. Sort of stop the bleeding. Then call us, let the police know so we can also document it and try to draw a pattern.”

The detective added that most of the skimmers they see are Bluetooth, which means these people don’t have to come back looking for them and can sit nearby to collect the fraudulent information.

If you believe you have been the victim of credit card skimming, you can call the police at 361-886-2600.

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