Bryan Harsin’s SEC Media Days Review


Auburn, Alabama, is 2,171 miles from Boise, Idaho. It’s a lot of miles and a world of difference between attending the Mountain West Conference and the South Eastern Conference. Former Boise State, now Auburn Football, coach Bryan Harsin faced the media today, closing the SEC Media Days.

The event is so important that coaches are ranked based on their performance on the podium and their ability to answer questions afterwards. Why is what a coach says in the media scrum so important? As they say in the SEC, it just means more. People live for football like we live for camping, hiking and everything else to do in Idaho.

So how did Coach Harsin do, considering he was the last coach to speak, after some of the biggest names in college football? We have decided to share the comments of the Twitter experts with you.

Yes, they actually ranked the coaches based on how they were viewed by the media. It seems a few people didn’t like Coach Harsin’s presentation. We heard he only answered three questions.

Wherever you go you are compared to whoever you replaced and we see the comparisons to the old trainer on this one.

The coach mentioned how well his family has adjusted to life outside of Treasure Valley.

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