Borrow for a wedding? 3 costs you can’t afford to overlook


Many couples who decide to get married will eventually take out a marriage loan. This is because weddings can be extremely expensive and it can be difficult to pay for them with savings.

If you take out a personal loan to cover the costs of your marriage, ideally you will keep the balance as low as possible in order to limit the debt you contract at the beginning of your life as a couple. However, you also want to borrow the right amount to cover the essentials so that you don’t end up with supplier bills that you can’t pay.

That’s why it’s so important not to overlook these three surprise costs that are often overlooked.

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1. Postage

If you’re sending fancy personalized invitations, stationery stores often don’t mention the actual cost of sending them. And while you might assume that you can stick a regular Forever stamp on the envelope and only pay pennies per mailing, you don’t necessarily have to.

Wedding invitations are often oversized, oddly shaped, or heavier than the standard letter. This means that shipping could cost more than expected. It’s also a good idea to include stamped reply envelopes with the invitation if you expect people to respond by mail, which increases your costs.

While the shipping cost doesn’t seem like a big expense, if you send out hundreds of invitations, those shipping costs can be more than you think. Make sure you include them in your wedding expenses.

2. Overtime costs

No one wants to watch the clock and kick their guests out while they are still having fun. As a result, it is common for weddings to last a little longer than expected. The only problem with this is that you might end up owing overtime charges to the reception venue, the group, the photographer, and other vendors who end up staying late at the wedding.

It’s a good idea to leave a little cushion in your bank account for those extra charges if you don’t intend to turn off the lights and send everyone home before an extra charge comes over. ‘apply.

3. Changes to the wedding dress

Many people who buy wedding dresses have them altered to fit the perfect fit – and this is often not included in the price of the dress (although some stores do). Weddings can also take a long time to plan, and if your shape changes before the big day, it could incur additional alteration fees as well.

Obviously, you want to be as prepared as possible for all aspects of your wedding, including the costs. So when deciding how much to spend – and the appropriate amount to borrow for a personal loan – make sure you keep these potential expenses in mind.

And if you’re aiming to keep borrowing costs as low as possible, you may need to make cuts in other non-essential areas to cover those expenses if they arise. Otherwise, you could end up with a larger loan balance than you want – or even credit card debt on top of your personal loan if you can’t afford to pay those fees out of pocket. The last thing you want is to start your marriage under financial stress, so it’s worth being prepared.

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