Woman arrested for using credit card of subway hammer attack victim


A woman has been arrested for allegedly using the credit card of Nina Rothschild, the victim of a brutal hammer attack at a Queens subway station.

Denise Alston was arrested last Friday and charged with criminal possession of identity theft of stolen property and criminal possession of a controlled substance, after she used the Rothschild’s credit card for a $19 purchase at an American store. Queens liquors. Alston also had other Rothschild credit and ID cards, as well as drugs, in her possession when she was arrested.

Last Thursday evening, Rothschild was repeatedly hit in the head with a hammer on the steps of Queens Plaza tube station, by an assailant who then stole her purse. Rothschild was hospitalized in critical condition with skull injuries.

Readers are urged to daven for the refah shleimah by Nina low Rus, b’soch she’ar cholei Yisrael.

Police arrested the alleged attacker, William Blount, over the weekend and charged him with attempted murder, assault and robbery.

According to the Queens DA, when police arrested Alston, they first claimed to have found Rothschild’s credit card on the street; then she said she got it from someone named William and identified Blount from a series of police photos.

Blount’s nephew also told police that Blount told him late Thursday night after the robbery, “I just had a lick, I needed something.”

Blount is being held without bond. Alston’s bail was set at $180,000 bond/$75,000 cash.


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