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San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, CBiBank, an emerging commercial bank licensed in the United States, upgraded its entire risk control system in terms of system security and transaction monitoring, to ensure the security of customer transactions.

It is understood that respect for security has always been the foundation of CBiBank. As one of the representatives of emerging commercial banks in the global financial market in recent years, CBiBank is an official licensed banking entity in the United States, which is different from general Internet payment institutions. In terms of protecting customers’ rights and interests, CBiBank has invested a lot of energy in developing its own risk control engine, which includes risk identification, decision-making and risk management, and has carried out the entire customer follow-up process. transactions before, during and after the event. Currently, more than 95% of risk events have been predicted in advance. It has a 50 millisecond response which is the best in the same industry.

In order to avoid dangerous factors, CBiBank has carried out individual full process monitoring in customer service, providing 100% online business. It not only saves a lot of time and energy for customers, but also provides them with a high-quality and comfortable experience, and avoids loss of funds. According to CBiBank’s Customer Service Center Manager, he once served a Singaporean customer Anne who was living in the United States. Anne was deceived when she used an Internet payment institution to send cross-border remittances, which led her to resist online financial activities. However, Anne again recognized the business capacity and social value of emerging banks through CBiBank, and affirmed the security of CBiBank’s risk control. The manager also said that maybe many people don’t understand the importance of technology upgrading, but customers’ affirmation must be the best evidence.

CBiBank, provider of integrated financial services for businesses and individuals in international trade

In recent years, with the increasingly active online economy, various emerging commercial banks and payment institutions have come under scrutiny. While customers are keenly aware of the convenience of online account opening and payment, they can’t help but worry or question their security. In fact, bank security has always been of most concern to customers. It can be seen that established banks and well-known financial institutions have to work hard on “safe transactions”.

According to public information, CBiBank is focused on providing one-stop cross-border financial services for global business enterprises and individuals, including offshore account opening, transfer and remittance, e-commerce collection, financing companies, etc. It is a member of American Bankers (ABA), SWIFT, UNIONPAY, Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS), etc.

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