Valley Stream gas station issued 3 subpoenas for excessive credit card charges


A Valley Stream gas station was ticketed and fined for raising cash and credit prices.

The Shell gas station was charging $5.69 a gallon for regular unleaded and $6.59 for credit.

The 90-cent differential is a violation that caused the Nassau County Department of Consumer Affairs to show up at the gas station.

Devon Keirnan, from Queens, says he was stocking up on gas at the station on Friday and noticed prices were much higher than he was used to seeing.

“I asked the guy, ‘Is that a mistake?, and he had some bad words to say, but he said, ‘My price is my price, take it or leave it,'” Kiernan said.

The cash and credit price rose 70 cents per gallon Friday through Tuesday, prompting Keirnan to report the station to the Nassau County Consumer Affairs Division.

The station received a summons for violating the Department of Financial Services’ swipe fee, which states that the maximum charge for credit cards is 20 cents per gallon. The station charged 90 cents more for using a credit card.

“When you charge a 25% fee for using a credit card…you’re taking advantage of a situation and we’re not going to tolerate that in Nassau County,” says Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman. .

The station received a total of three summonses, two for unreasonable business practices for excessive credit card charges for self-service and full-service and an unregistered ATM.

The company was forced to pay a $3,250 fine.


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