Tinkoff launches digital mortgage offering


Tinkoff has introduced a new line of business – digital mortgages.

The process will take place entirely online, from paperwork to credit issuance. Therefore, customers will not need to visit a physical location at any stage of the transaction, including when requesting an electronic signature.

First, Tinkoff customers will be able to refinance mortgages issued by other banks. Then, by the end of 2022, Tinkoff plans to launch mortgages for primary and secondary housing.

As part of its mortgage offering, Tinkoff provides comprehensive assistance at every stage of buying or refinancing a property, including making arrangements with the Russian Federal Service for Registration, Cadastre and Mapping ( Rosreestr). Customers do not have to visit a Multifunctional Public Service Center which is normally standard practice, as Tinkoff manages their mortgage registration while ensuring that all payments between buyer and seller are made securely.

All mortgage documents will be electronically signed, using an electronic signature, issued by the bank and delivered to clients by a Tinkoff representative at a time and place of the client’s choosing.

Mortgage refinance is currently available to select customers and will be available to all Tinkoff customers by the end of Q1 2022. The refinance rate starts at 8.9%, with a maximum loan amount of 3.5 million euros and a refinancing period of up to 30 years. In the first phase of the project, the refinancing options will only cover the secondary housing market.


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