The ‘YouStart’ program must be given to a private financial institution


Joe Jackson is a financial analyst

Unemployment challenges faced by YouStart

Government programs give me a sinking feeling in my stomach, Joe Jackson

YouStart to create 1 million jobs

Financial analyst, Joe Jackson, has suggested that the government outsource the implementation of the YouStart program to a private financial institution to improve accountability and efficiency.

He noted that government-run projects have proven unsustainable due to a lack of transparency and poor management.

According to the government, the YouStart program aims to create more than one million jobs for young people in the country.

The government, along with its other partners, will make funds available to entrepreneurs so that they can develop their businesses.

Joe Jackson was speaking at an entrepreneurship forum at the University of Ghana and said having the program run by a private entity would help him achieve his goal.

“Every time I hear that the government is trying to create jobs directly within itself, I get a sinking feeling in my stomach, that this is going to be another program that the government will be throwing money at and that the money is going to be in a different pocket and a few years later there is nothing to show for it,” he lamented.

“The government should be looking for reliable financial institutions to help distribute the funds, not another state program where people take the money and don’t want to pay it back.”

According to Finance Minister Ken. Ofori Atta, the Initiative is partnering with financial institutions and development partners to create an entrepreneurial economy that empowers young people to harness their talents and “become job creators instead of job seekers.”

Challenges such as access to credit and finance, regulatory and fiscal burden, lack of skills, etc. should be addressed under the YouStart initiative.


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