The Day – New Haven teenager accused in East Lyme of stealing credit card from car


East Lyme – A 15-year-old New Haven boy was arrested in Niantic early Wednesday after he was allegedly caught with a stolen credit card – along with a vehicle – at Old Lyme two nights earlier.

Police officers were patrolling East Lyme after hearing reports of vehicle break-ins in other riverside communities when an officer saw a person wearing a ski mask exiting a vehicle at the Henny Penny in Niantic at around 1 a.m. 39 am, according to the Eastern Lyme Police Department.

When the officer started to approach the vehicle, it rushed out of the parking lot. The person who got out of the car was still inside the store, police said.

The officer approached the person inside the Henny Penny, a 15-year-old boy from New Haven who has not been publicly identified due to his age. The boy was in possession of a credit card that was in a stolen car Monday at Old Lyme.

The boy, who was unable to use the stolen card before the officer arrested him, was charged with credit card theft and returned to New Haven juvenile court, police said.

The vehicle he got out of was not the one that was stolen from Old Lyme, police said. The investigation was ongoing.

Statewide and in several cities in southeastern Connecticut, police said they saw an increase in car thefts from minors this year.

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