Personal loan application ranking See the perfect score


Whatever your loan plans, you want to make sure that the right lender is the one for you and that their application can do the job.

The PYMNTS Ranking of personal loan application providers is here to help. In this monthly ranking, apps get their scores based on channel coverage, up-to-date downloads, monthly average users, and sessions for the user plus average session length.

This time we have a leader who got a perfect score, a bit of shuffling of positions and a new member who widens the group to eight.

The first five

Still in the first place, which he achieved last month, is SoFi. In this month’s competition, he got a score of 100.

Just behind and ranked # 2 as last time, is Silver Lion.

Our next two contenders have traded positions since the last time. Now stay in the third row Before, having risen from fourth place.

Stepping down one step from last time and now sitting at # 4 east To improve.

To round out the top five, as it did last month, it’s Loan tree.

The Top 10

There is also a familiar face in place # 6, with PaySense hold firmly to its position.

In this particular ranking, there are only eight positions, so let’s meet the rest of the group.

Then we have a competitor who is not only new to location # 7, but new to the list: Loan Club. Please join us in welcoming this peer-to-peer lending company and its application in the rankings.

Completing this elite group while descending to 8th place is SalaryFlex.

So there are only eight positions, but still some exciting events in this edition of the monthly ranking of personal loan application providers. Tune in next time to see what’s going on in this competition among lenders.



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