Michelle Obama Gets Candid About Hormone Therapy For Menopause


Michelle Obama opened up in a surprisingly candid interview on Thursday, speaking at length about her struggle with menopause and the various ways it affects her mental and physical health. She changed up her fitness routine – focusing on flexibility – and even admitted that she was slowly gaining weight and saying goodbye to her iconic toned arms as she got older. The former First Lady also said People she often doesn’t know where to find reliable information on the subject of menopause, saying she hopes her spotlight can help other women overcome the “misinformation” and conflicting studies that have made the subject inaccessible for generations previous ones. She said she had used hormone replacement therapy under her doctor’s guidance to help with her hot flashes, but stressed that even she was still learning. “I had to work with hormones, and this is new information that we learn. Before there were studies that said hormones were bad. That’s all we heard. Now we find that research shows that those studies were not completely finished and that there are benefits to hormone replacement therapy. You try to sort through information, studies and misinformation. So here I am. She says her skin “still feels healthy. My hair is still in my head. These are the things for which I must count my blessings.

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