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You’ve probably read warnings about credit card skimmers found on gas pumps. A woman says she discovered a scam she didn’t expect hidden in plain sight in a busy convenience store near Medical City McKinney.

The victim, Nyshje Rattler, recorded a video of her discovery and shared it on social media.

“I always heard about what was happening at gas pumps. I still shoot it, but I’ve never heard of it in a store,” Rattler said. “I didn’t think this would happen to McKinney of all places.”

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Nyshje Rattler

Her ordeal began on Wednesday when she tried to buy a bag of chips at 7-Eleven near her home.

“They said: you have no money. And I said, Excuse me,” she recalls.

A call to his bank revealed that his account had been “cleared”.

“They said, $300 was spent at Walmart in Houston. $200 at a Walmart in Katy. $187 at a Walmart in Houston. I was like: that’s not me,” Rattler said.

She thought back to the one purchase she had made Monday night at 7-Eleven along Medical Center Drive where she shopped about five times a week.

“He [the cashier] was obsessed with how I put the pen down, so I thought it was weird,” she said. “I kept replaying it in my head.”

She remembered a case in Los Angeles of a credit card skimmer and decided to return to the store to inspect the two card readers.

“I compared the two and noticed the one I grabbed was bulkier on the side, a bit protruding. It wasn’t flat like they said. So, I took it just lifted it up and it came out,” she said.

Nyshje Rattler/NBC News 5

A McKinney woman, Nyshje Rattler, discovers a card skimming device on a terminal inside a 7-Eleven.

McKinney Police are now investigating the incident and say skimmers are devices that criminals place on credit card readers to collect card numbers which are then used to spend the victim’s money.

“The skimmer is under forensic examination at this time,” McKinney Police Department spokeswoman Carla Marion Reeves said.

The lieutenant leading the investigation was unavailable for comment on Friday.

It is not clear what charges could be brought against the person or persons responsible.

Since Rattler’s video was shared on several social media platforms, the MPD said another potential victim came forward on Thursday.

It’s also unclear if the police think the scam was an “inside job”, but there are ways to try and protect yourself from these scams.

“You can actually try to shake it. Try to shoot it,” Reeves said. “There’s double-sided tape that’s used to hold them down, nothing more, so criminals can easily pick it up.”

The store manager told NBC 5 he had no comment on the allegations. The owner did not respond to NBC 5’s request for information or statement.

If you believe you have been the victim of fraud at 7-Eleven on Medical Center Drive, please call the McKinney Police Department non-emergency number at 972-547-2700.


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