Maintenance support loan – look out for offers


Many people ask us the questions “Will I get a maintenance loan?” Therefore, we would like to extend this topic and present some alternatives to such people. Maintenance payments are an acceptable source of income for many financial institutions. Even if we are looking for a loan for those in debt, by having maintenance we increase our chance of getting cash online.

Maintenance support loan – list of companies

Maintenance support loan - list of companies

A maintenance loan is open to the public and in most cases we can take it via the Internet or telephone. Many lenders accept maintenance as an additional source of income . If our only source of income is only maintenance, we reduce the chance of positive acceptance of our loan application, but this does not mean that we will not get a loan at all. The more we have influence on the account from various sources, the better our financial credibility. If we do not have permanent employment, we may need a loan for the unemployed without income certificates.

Loan with bailiff

Loan with bailiff

There are many loan offers available on the market, where we can receive money even a few minutes after positive acceptance. Who gives loans for maintenance? Below is a ranking of companies where you have the chance to get a loan for maintenance payments. To increase your chances, you may complete applications from several lenders.

A loan for family benefits

A loan for family benefits and 500 plus

Alimony or money that one of the spouses must pay for their children. ( Find out what to do when your husband doesn’t pay maintenance?) Sometimes these funds are not enough and we need to support ourselves in the form of a maintenance loan . What if the person who receives maintenance has a bailiff? In this case, it is harder to get a loan because bailiff seizure often causes that our bank account or salary is blocked.

So a person with a bailiff has no chance of getting a loan? Of course there is a chance! Even looking at the first company in our ranking. Lite lending company is a lender who grants loans to people in debt in BIG , KRD, ERIF and even with a bailiff. You need to be patient until you find the company for which our debt will not matter.

When not to get a maintenance loan?

When we are in debt even in one company, we should stop borrowing money until the first debt is repaid. A maintenance loan is not a good solution if we are not sure ourselves whether we can afford repayments on time. Each day of delay in repayment of the loan may cause additional costs, which in the future lead to a spiral of debt.

If we have a problem with the budget or are not sure whether we will be able to repay the maintenance loan , we can go to a specialist who will help us in the calculation. We can also look for various tips on the Internet that will help you calculate our revenues and costs. It is worth considering so that the loan decision is informed and certain.