How Banks Are Striving to Capitalize on the Cryptocurrency Mania


The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has prompted banks to consider ways to capitalize on the frenzy without directly participating in the crypto market. While New York-based Signature Bank and rival Silvergate already launched bitcoin-backed cash loans earlier this year, other big banks may soon join the race with different products.

According to a CoinDesk report, Goldman Sachs and a handful of major banks in the United States are also considering providing cash loans to other institutions using Bitcoin as collateral. While these big banks would like to avoid the crypto spot markets, they would explore other opportunities such as synthetic crypto products like futures, he said, citing sources.

They can mimic tripartite repurchase agreements – a method of borrowing money by selling securities with an agreement to repurchase the securities on a predetermined date. This process involves a third-party agent who facilitates the transaction, the report says.

Cryptocurrency-backed retail loans are like any other secured loan. Borrowers use digital assets as collateral for the loan, just as a car or house can be used as collateral for auto or mortgage loans.

Back home, a multitude of new age “crypto-banks” are already offering such loans against crypto-currencies like bitcoin, ether, tether, among others, according to one. mint report. Vauld,, and BlockFi are such platforms.

Why crypto loans?

According to CoinDesk report, adoption of crypto assets by traditional institutions was inevitable as crypto is a $ 2.7 trillion asset class, although it occurs in limited capacity at the moment.

The banks’ move shows appetite for cryptocurrency-backed loans from banks that have more stable funding sources (FDIC-insured deposits) and stricter underwriting standards than startups, the report noted.

As Signature CEO Joseph DePaolo said CoinDesk: “We want this to be a zero loss business. “And so we’re only going to have it for the best customers. We will guarantee it to death, have big discounts and quality depositories. “

Cryptocurrency backed loans can also have many benefits for borrowers. For example, a lower international barrier. Since cryptocurrency operates globally, unlike a particular fiat, borrowers can seek financial partnership with any crypto-backed lender in the world.

In addition, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency lending platform will allow people to microcredit themselves and even profit from the loan.

According to Vauld CEO Darshan Bathija, loans for crypto compare to personal loans on many fronts than in terms of cheaper interest rates. “There is no liability for capital gains, they provide affordable leverage for trading and you can hold on to your investment while still getting the money worth the token’s worth,” he said. declared. mint.

Many other major banks are expected to join the movement over the next three to six months. Some banks can even use their own balance sheet to make these loans while others can use third party services, for example. CoinDesk.

(Edited by : Yashi Gupta)


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