Hate the long lines at the Mackinac Bridge? Blame credit card users?


If you have ever attempted to cross the Mackinac Bridge on a busy weekend in the summer, you’ll recall the very long lines that drivers often face to pay the toll to cross between Michigan Upper and lower peninsulas.

Perhaps this fact would lead you to give the spectacular Mighty Mac a one star review on a travel site.

You could certainly blame the geography of this infamous choke point in the state’s road infrastructure as the only way to cross the peninsulas, after all the pre-bridge car ferry had backups for days, and this is not hyperbole.

You could blame the lack of EZ-Pass-style lanes only that allow those who have Mac Passthe bridge version of the toll transponder, hassle-free passage through tolls.

But a tender says there’s one group of people you can blame squarely on: credit card users.

The bridge toll is currently $4 per car. Cash and credit accepted. But maybe it’s the ones that don’t have an exact change that slows down the process.

A user on the The PureUP Facebook group shared this comment and, unsurprisingly, sparked a lot of conversation.

The bridge toll worker thanked us for having the exact money.
He said credit cards were originally backups.

The reaction was quick and varied.

Some have commented that they always have 4 singles on them when crossing to keep things fast and efficient. By the way, Yooper-nice etiquette is to give $8 at the toll and pay for the car behind you.

Some reviewers were quick to point out that cash is obsolete and payment in plastic should be easily accepted. Thinking it wise to counter this was noticing the less than blazing internet speeds in rural northern Michigan.

Most though, even those who admit to rarely carrying cash, say they know they have good old greenbacks handy when traveling and know that the bridge and the UP will be in their plans.

Although the Mackinac Bridge is the only crossing between Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas, there are actually 24 bridges a driver can use to enter UP. Here they are all:

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