Employment scams could lead to identity theft and credit card fraud in Hawaii


HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Better Business Bureau has a warning if you’re looking for a job. New employment scams could lead to identity theft and credit card fraud.

“They seem very professional, know what they’re doing, and claim to have seen your resume on a job search site,” Freitas said. “But first you need to download this messaging app which you now put on your device.”

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Most of the apps you can download aren’t inherently dangerous, but the fact is that scammers want a way to keep in touch with you. Once they can, they will start asking personal questions.

“The scammer will then want your name, address, date of birth, banking information,” Freitas said. “Now they have all this information. They can now steal your identity and gain access to your bank account. »

So if you’re unsure whether a job posting is legit or not, Freitas said it doesn’t hurt to check with the real company before proceeding.

“If that means calling the company to verify you received it, that’s a really good place to start because you need to know who you’re dealing with and make sure it’s a legitimate company,” Freitas said.

There are other tips from the BBB. Beware of jobs that make you immediately receive or return money. Real companies don’t normally send money until the job is done. Beware of easy hires. If someone wants to hire you without meeting you in person or virtually, it’s probably a scam. Finally, research the job posting, either online or by calling the company yourself.

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