Credit card tampering target, Chicago man charged in Kenosha County


A Chicago man is charged with multiple counts of credit card tampering after police were called to Pleasant Prairie Target on June 26.

A Target employee told police that a person he suspected of committing fraud at multiple Target locations was in the store.

Outside the store, police spoke to this suspect – since identified as 39-year-old Mamadou Diallo. According to a compliant criminal, Diallo used a debit card to purchase gift cards from the target, but the last four digits stamped on the debit card were different from the last four digits shown on the receipt. Police scanned the debit card’s magnetic stripe, which showed account information belonging to someone else.

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In Diallo’s car, the complaint says, police found receipts for gift card purchases at other Target stores in southeast Wisconsin. Officers also found nine other debit or credit cards which, after scanning the magnetic stripe, were found not to match the name or account number stamped on the front of the card.

Officers also found a credit card scanner in Diallo’s car, according to the complaint. Police said magnetic stripes on credit or debit cards can be reprogrammed with incorrect information.

Pleasant Prairie Police Department

Pleasant Prairie Police Department

In total, Diallo is formally charged with 10 counts of financial transaction card tampering – otherwise known as credit card tampering – and one count of improper possession of a card reader. credit.

Diallo made a first court appearance on June 28 and is due back in court on July 5.


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