Couple arrested with lots of credit cards


Two people who were found with around two dozen credit cards belonging to other people are due to appear in East Fork Magistrates Court.

A couple who were allegedly found in possession of around two dozen other people’s credit cards are due to appear in East Fork court on Friday.

Deputies checking the expired registration of a gray Lexus parked at Gardnerville Dottie’s on Sunday discovered that its owner, Dawn Michelle Kuskie, 38, was wanted on an active Nevada Parole and Probation warrant.

Kuskie walked her dog around a corner at the time and was taken into custody after deputies confirmed her identity.

Jeffrey Alan Williams, 40, got up from the passenger seat and identified himself as a 25-year-old man with green eyes. Williams asked to watch the dog, and a deputy saw him take his ID card from his wallet and throw it under the car.

Upon retrieving it, deputies learned that Williams had a warrant for nine offenses in Clark County.

A search of the vehicle revealed a small amount of methamphetamine and a large number of credit cards and identification belonging to people other than the couple.

Kuskie told deputies they belonged to roommates, who would give them to him.

Investigators were able to contact one of the people, who told them that the mailbox in his building had been broken into last year. Kuskie and Williams reportedly lived in the same building.

• A California woman admitted Monday that she was in possession of a credit card without the owner’s authorization.

Tori Jonnyse Bailey, 34, faces up to four years in prison and a $5,000 fine when convicted on November 21.

Bailey was arrested Feb. 27 in Lake Tahoe with seven credit cards belonging to someone else.

Deputies were called to a hotel after Bailey allegedly deployed pepper spray during an argument that resulted in a domestic violence charge, which was due to be heard on Tuesday.

She was released and did not return to Tahoe Township Court until she was extradited from Southern California, returning to Douglas on September 17.

Bailey was ordered to remain in custody until sentencing.


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