Securing and managing your crypto assets are important decisions. Here is what you need to know


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Security and cryptography go hand in hand. Because crypto is built on blockchain technology, a decentralized database owned by everyone and no one, you directly own your assets, with no bank or financial institution as an intermediary. To access their crypto, users have a “key” – a string of numbers – that is unique to them. As long as you maintain control of your key, your assets are safe.

As decentralized finance has become more mainstream, crypto management platforms have emerged with user-friendly interfaces for easy access to your crypto. These platforms can store your key, so all you need to do is remember a login password. While it may be more in line with how you access other assets, such as your bank account or investments, it can also be problematic. Not only is your account potentially vulnerable to hackers, but your key then belongs to the platform. If the platform were to go down or go bankrupt, you could lose access to your crypto.

Having full ownership of your cryptocurrency means having full ownership and control of your key. Crypto services technology company Ledger has created a hardware wallet to protect your assets. This hardware wallet contains a security chip that keeps your assets completely offline, non-hackable, and secure.

In addition to the hardware wallet, Ledger offers an app, Ledger Live, which allows you to buy, sell, trade and grow your assets through one platform. It also offers investors access to over 1,800 crypto coins, as well as integration with applications that allow them to engage in different parts of the cryptosphere, such as NFT buying and storing and staking. of your crypto coins. An extended platform can come in handy as you continue to grow and engage with your crypto.

Having a cold storage solution that can connect directly to a platform can prepare you for a more seamless experience in the future. And having control over your assets gives you peace of mind and security.

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Founded in 2014, Ledger is the all-in-one digital asset management solution serving retail and institutional clients in 200 countries. By combining a hardware wallet, which provides security, with the Ledger Live app, which provides access to cryptocurrency services, Ledger offers consumers the easiest way to start their crypto journey while maintaining full control over their digital assets. Their latest set of YouTube videos, “In the rabbit hole,“explores how crypto is changing the world, economy, and culture around the world.

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