Police warn motorists about card skimmers at Atlanta metro gas pumps


Henry County Police are investigating reports of credit card skimmers at a gas station on North Henry Boulevard.

Criminals use their own card readers, or skimmers, to save credit card numbers and PINs for later purchases, without ever physically holding your card.

The best way to protect against a card skimmer is to pay inside the station in cash, police said.

This month, Henry County Police opened an investigation after a woman said she noticed unauthorized charges on her brand new credit card that she allegedly used just once on that quick trip to North Henry Boulevard.

“I see people waiting in lines just to get gas for your car and not buy anything,” Frankie Chambers said. He says paying inside the gas station is a downside, but police say it could save you money in the long run.

According to the police report, someone used the victim’s card information to order food on a delivery app.

She said she didn’t order it and noticed it before further charges were laid, finally telling police she believed there was an illegal card at this QuikTrip. .

Henry County Police said they have yet to find the skimmer, but the AAA expects 48 million people to refuel and go home for the holidays, they said. stated that drivers should take this into account:

  • -Look for broken security seals on the pump before inserting your card.
  • -Do not use tap-to-pay functions
  • – Use a smart card, for better protection
  • – Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for tap to pay functions




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